Race : Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon and Rothman Institute 8K  
November 19, 2017
Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon and Rothman Institute 8K
Philadelphia, PA
Runners: 30,000
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Comments from runners.

Loved every minute of my first marathon. Can't wait to come back.

- K.Z. from Bronx, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 27, 2013

1st Marathon and everything was great.

- K.M. from Woodstown, NJ
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 27, 2013

Great first marathon. Very well organized. Great crowd support!

- S.B. from Melbourne, Vic
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 27, 2013

Thank you so much for opening this race to NYC runners! This was very special for me, I had pretty much given up on running a fall marathon and this happened at the last minute, which was awesome. The course was great and very warm despite the low temperatures. There were lot of fans. Post race logistics were great, a lot better than NYC. The availability of water and tracking/timing at every mile was one thing thatt would have been great. Thanks again!!!!

- M.M. from New York, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 22, 2013

4 years in a row. Will continue the streak next year.

- A.A. from Philadelphia, PA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 22, 2013

Best time of my life!!!!

- D.H. from Pleasant Gap, PA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 22, 2013

Awesome, Philly did a great job, no complaints from me, they should be very proud of this race!!

- R.D. from King of Prussia, PA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 17, 2013

I loved this race - I PR-ed!

- M.M. from Arlington, VA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 17, 2013

As a back of the pack runner, getting to the corral and waiting to start was miserable. It was nearly a full hour of hanging out. Don't know how to improve it. Need a strategy to deal with it better. Special part was running in my hometown. Left Philadelphia in 1990. Still knew every inch of the course from memory. Crowds on the sidelines were awesome. Same for the drivers honking support as I was coming down the road toward the finish of the half.

- E.F. from Silver Spring, MD
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 17, 2013

The crowd support is amazing. The cheer zones are filled to the brim but there are so many people lining the streets yelling out your name or just yelling GO RUNNERS! that you feel like an elite runner the whole time. I also loved the entertainment......the cheerleaders and bands and those crazies at the turn-around! Awesome! The atmosphere is so incredible and although I have never ran any other half but the Philly Half......I think it is the best road race in the US. When I run my first will be the Philalelphia Marathon! I would like to say I was proud of Philly for inviting the displaced New York runners and giving them a special send off. When I saw a runner with a shirt on from New York it made me smile and say a little prayer for those effected by Sandy. Choked me up!

- R.D. from Quarryville, PA
Race Year: 2013 | Added: May 17, 2013

Love the half course! Volunteers were amazing and I really liked the green aspect to this year's race. Not as many people out to cheer, but the volunteers really helped with that :)

- H.S. from Philadelphia, PA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 17, 2013

Race start still crowded even with wave starts. But it is well organized. Nice gesture from Philadelphia Marathon to open up race to NYC runners. Always perfect racing weather! Great looking finish medal. Will continue to put Philadelphia on my fall race schedule!

- B.Z. from Livingston, NJ
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 17, 2013

The organizers of this race did an incredible job. It was a world-class event. The thing that surprised me the most, beyond the well-run expo, start line organization/corrals, was the amount of people that showed up on the course to cheer and the volunteers. It seemed like a City celebration, not just a run that shut down streets for most of the day. Whatever you do to get people to come out and cheer or just watch - keep doing it, that was the thing that I loved most about the race, and what got me and my 5 family members to travel 2,000 miles to come run this race. Thank you!

- A.C. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Race Year: 2013 | Added: May 17, 2013

I came in from NYC - part of the displaced Sandy NYC marathoners. I was happy to have the opportunity to run, thank you. I'm looking forward to getting my tee shirt so I can show off the spirit of Philly.

- V.F. from New York, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 16, 2013

Great support from spectators, would like to see more diverse merchandise next year.

- S.B. from Astoria, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 16, 2013

A really great experience! Though rather a lot of hanging around at the start in the cold. I look forward to returning in 2013.

- D.H. from London, Paris
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 16, 2013

Loved it! Can not wait to do it again!

- M.R. from Voorhees, NJ
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 16, 2013

This was my first marathon and it was such an incredible experience! This organization did such a fantastic job. Everything was so well put together from the volunteers to the crowds. I will definitely be back.

- N.K. from Greenville, SC
Race Year: 2013 | Added: May 16, 2013

The bathroom lines at beginning of race were horrible! There were clearly not enough, the lines were long (I missed the start and my correct corral because of it). It has to be better organized with more options (or people helping with the lines). Also, this was called a "flat marathon". it isn't. It isn't hilly but certainly not flat. Crowd support was thin at times (or non-existent). But where it was it was GREAT!

- C.B. from New York, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: May 16, 2013

Absolutely beautiful course!!!! Easy bag drop. Great water stations. Actual run was spectacular. One minor change needed is more porta potties at the START only. The lines were too long in front of each corral. It took 25 minutes to get through the line. Way too long to wait.

- J.K. from Kingwood, TX
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

Post race exit went so smoothly as you moved the gear bag trucks. Thank you.

- J.S. from West Des Moines, IA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

Phenomenal race, my first marathon and it did not disappoint! Running through the city was a great experience followed by the run along Kelly Dr. It is unmatched in a gorgeous run along the river. The fans along the whole course were such an inspiration especially in Manayunk when really needed. Thank you for an amazing experience.... SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

- S.E. from Fayetteville, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

I absolutely recommend Philadelphia Marathon and Half marathon races. I'll be back for sure.

- M.P. from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

I love this race. I loved Philly, I loved the crowds, I loved the course, I loved Michael Nutter at the finish line. The only thing I would change is to have more porta-potties at the start/finish. But even that part ended up working out for me. I was in line at the bathrooms when the race started and thought I had missed my pace group...but it turns out I was in front of them and ended up a PR. This was only my third marathon, but it was by far the best in terms of organization, attention to detail, and crowd love. Thanks so much, I can't state enough how much fun I had.

- A.A. from Raleigh, NC
Race Year: 2013 | Added: November 27, 2012

There was excessive crowding between runners in the first half of the marathon. Corral start times between corrals should be extended in order to provide greater safety for runners. The second portion of the marathon felt daunting as it was one long stretch out and back. The course would be improved in this section if more turns were added and the course was no longer out and back.

- A..R. from State College, PA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

The crowd support between the start and mile 13 was phenonmenal...however I was a slow poke running the marathon and there was virtually NO crowd support between mile 13 and the Manayunk crowd. And then after Manyunk, nothing...crickets. Then my folks could not get to the finish line to see me cross it because of the lack of parking and streets being closed. (not that that is the race official's fault) But because they were not there, I was a little disoriented with no help from volunteers to get food, water, warmth, etc.

- D.P. from Eddystone, PA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

Great, great, great race atmosphere. Tons of fans and tons of volunteers. I would have loved to see pretzels at some of the later aid stops...other than that a fantastic experience :-)

- E.B. from Somerville, MA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

The course was great, though the toughest part of the course was around miles 16-18, when the Kelly Drive portion was very limited with crowd support. It was so quiet, you could hear each footstep on the pavement. That was when the race got rough for me, so more crowd support would have been a huge help. This was my first marathon, and I'm so glad to have done my first one in Philly. I was especially proud as my city made room for the NYC marathoners. My first thought upon finishing was that I accomplished my goal, and I never wanted to run another marathon again. Of course, as my pain subsided over the following days, my desire to run another race did return. :) Thank you to the city of Philadelphia, the race organizers, and the PPD for all of their support on an amazing day. Even if I don't run next year, I plan to support the runners along the way.

- E.C. from Conshohocken, PA
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

The water stations were WAY too far apart in the last half of the race. There should not be 2-2.5 miles between each water station after mile 14. This is also dangerous because there were very few supporters between miles 15-24. If anything had happened (someone passes out, gets hurt, etc), someone would need to run over two miles to get to the nearest volunteer group/get help. The course was beautiful and the volunteers that were out there were helpful and supportive. It was a festive environment and the beginning and end of the race were well supported with adequate food and drinks.

- B.A. from Brooklyn, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

This was an awesome experience from the beginning to the end - I would definitely do it again. The only hard part was the hill at the end, after 13 miles, something flat would have been nice.

- A.S. from West Deptford, NJ
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 27, 2012

My first half marathon and it was an amazing experience! I highly recommend this course to anyone! Great volunteers, well organized and wonderful day!

- L.C. from Patchogue, NY
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 22, 2012

first big half marathon... mood was very festive... crowds were great... water stations a little dicey... but not bad... folks with tissues, were brilliant... I had a great time... note to self... I put myself in too slow a corral for the start... upside to that is, there were plenty of folks to pass which is always good for one's ego... downside... lots of people to pass slows down your race pace... :)

- D.P. from Jackson, NJ
Race Year: 2012 | Added: November 22, 2012

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