Race : BI-LO Myrtle Beach Marathon & Half Marathon  
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BI-LO Myrtle Beach Marathon & Half Marathon
Myrtle Beach, SC
Runners: 10,000
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  view  //  Chuck Winney - Simpsonville, SC - 2009 - 5:20:54

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The bad: This race is open to walkers and has a long time limit. So I think there should be food for everyone, not just the people in front. I finished after 6 hours and mile 16 was COMPLETELY out of food and mile 21 only had bananas, which I don't eat. After craving an orange after seeing peels on the ground, it was horrible to not have anything fresh. I was especially upset when I crossed the finish line and saw the boxes and boxes upon boxes of oranges. Seems they should have had the volunteers communicate to base they were out of food and get some to the food stops. Running out is not acceptable when you know how many people are racing. Also, if you say you are walker friendly, there should be support at the end. All the chocolate milk, protein etc was all closed up and gone. I know I am slow, but again, if you say walker friendly, it should be friendly to walkers!

The pre -event communication needs work. Despite signing up in December, I continued to get "Sign Up Now" emails until the week of the event. The info that the race people put out on the blog was informative but the Myrtle Beach online was pointless. It did not contain any new information and just junked up my email. Pictures of the medal and t-shirt before hand would have been ideal. Other races are VERY interactive on facebook and create a sense of community and excitement. That would be a nice addition.

The Good: All the volunteers were fantastically nice. I stayed at the host hotel and was very pleased with the carb dinner. All the staff there was also very gracious. The expo was well stocked and it was nice to see so many national brands represented. The bands on the course was a nice touch. The course was FLAT. Getting to and from the race was easy and the portajons were so plentiful I hardly had to stand in line. I would do this race again, because really other than running out of food, I was pleased. The medal is FANTASTIC and post race support has been great.

- A.M. from Charlotte, NC
Race Year: 2012 | Added: March 12, 2012

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