Race : Mercy Health Glass City Marathon  
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Mercy Health Glass City Marathon
Toledo, OH
Runners: 8,000
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Comments from runners.

The 2014 Glass City Marathon was very well organized and a lot of fun to participate in. The course is scenic and well-thought out. It feels good to finish inside the Glass Bowl with a cheering crowd. There are plenty of water stations and good spots on the course, and the race volunteers are amazing as well. Lastly, the expo, and post-race party were very nice and enjoyable. I will run the Glass City Marathon is often as I can. On a side note, I ran a PR, which also made it more fun.

- M.L. from Oregon, Ohio
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 15, 2014

I ran the 1/2 glass city marathon in 2013, the full glass city marathon in 2012, and the 5K in 2011. This year I did the relay, so I really have nothing to compare it to.

- D.B. from Toledo, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 8, 2014

First time in Toledo, the half was great ! Could use more music on the course. I ran with a friend run who was running a full and she almost missed the the turn for the full. The sign was to low. She was running on the left side, on the inside. Maybe next year the track could have some warning signs that the split is coming up and have a taller sign.

- C.J. from Lancaster, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 7, 2014

I had a wonderful time running the 5k

- K.L. from Toledo, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 7, 2014

No comments

- V.M. from bowling green, oh
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 7, 2014

A few areas can be hard to know if you are staying on the course. Some spots in the neighborhoods are difficult when the pack is thin. Running up the park with the huge brick house the second time made me a little nervous that I was off course when merging with other runners. Overall a great race that I would be happy to do again. Thank you to staff and all volunteers.

- T.S. from Ada, MI
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 6, 2014

I ran the half marathon 2013 and 2014. The half marathon course was altered in 2014 for the last 3.5 miles or so. I was disappointed with the change because it was full of hills. It was much more difficult to have a majority of the race fairly flat but then the last 3 miles or so full of hills. I much preferred the original course in 2013. As always, I really enjoyed the mug and food that we get at the end. Toledo is by far my favorite place to run a half marathon!

- H.G. from Toledo, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 6, 2014

The GCM was well organized. The race keeps getting better and better every year. I liked the course change at the end of the 1/2. The last 2-3 miles were much more enjoyable to run than in the years past. The post race food tents, band, runner's mingling, etc. was great! Kudos to Clint and his team of organizers. You are proving that the Glass City is a premiere event to participate in.

- A.D. from Whitehouse, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 5, 2014

Fantastic race every year. I will be back as often as I can. Logistically - you have no questions about where to be or when to be there. Post-race is amazing! The expo had great vendors and a lot of information for the out of towners.

- A.K. from Perrysburg, Ohio
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 5, 2014

My 6th marathon & loved it! Grand value for your $. Post race activities were abundant! Can't stop talking about it! Fast & Flat course!

- L.L. from Canton, MI
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 5, 2014

Nice well organized. Definitely recommend the race. I liked being able to be indoors prior to race to keep warm, stretch and use bathrooms. Parking provided easy access to and from event. Plentiful water stops. Could have used a few more porta pots on marathon course especially last 10k. I did not get to preview the race finish prior to the race and was not familar with the stadium finish. I could not see the finish line till inside the stadium. Harder to guage my final sprint.

- S.B. from Columbus, Ohio
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 5, 2014

Glass City is a fun race since it my hometown. I liked the new half marathon course this year and I loved the flags along the finish line. The corrals are a good thing also, but I think they need some changes for next year. They actually really slowed down the start. Each corral should be let out at a different time & have a break between the 2 so that there isn't so much congestion. I would love to hear more music along the course - live or otherwise. It would be really great to have some loud upbeat music at the start!! It would be nice if they passed out chocolate milk at the end of the race with the water and space blanket. Good time & I will keep coming back - THANK YOU!!

- T.B. from Bowling Green, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 5, 2014

This was my 1st full marathon & the best course I have run so far. I will definitely be running it again! Thanks for doing such a great job!

- C.R. from Fremont, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 4, 2014

Pre-race packet pickup did not have enough direction once inside the venue.

- R.R. from Ottawa Lake, MI
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 4, 2014

Third year running this course...liked the layout in 2012 and 2013 better than 2014 for the half marathon...the corse was fine though...volunteers were awesome and weather was awesome.

- D.F. from Toledo, Ohio
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 4, 2014

The post race food set up was ridiculous! I've never had to have a hand stamp to show I'm a runner or only go through one time. And then to be handed one if each item was silly. I didn't want everything and to wait in line was crazy. There wash a lot of empty parking lot at the finish but every one was jammed into a small Area near the tents. Why not spread out?

- R.F. from Medina, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 4, 2014

It was my first one, and I loved everything about it.

- M.S. from Bowling Green, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 3, 2014

Expo was great, I felt very informed about everything going on the course was extremely well managed with police support for almost 5 hours. I'll be running the GCM for years to come.

- J.L. from Toledo, Ohio
Race Year: 2013 | Added: May 3, 2014

Not a spectator friendly course. Family and friends will see you leave and then when you get to the stadium. Other than that it is very runner friendly. Bike trail heading back a bit tediuous. Overall very good course.

- J.P. from Brunswick, Ohio
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 3, 2014

I ran have ran a couple marathons and many half marathons. The half marathon race was well organized. I liked the course through Ottawa Hills, the numerous water stops, and the finish at the Glass Bowl. I really liked the ability to stay warm before the race in Savage Arena. I would highly recommend this race!!

- G.E. from Castalia, OH
Race Year: 2013 | Added: May 3, 2014

Great time!

- J.B. from Toledo, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 3, 2014

Course super flat, which was nice. However, course entertainment and spectators were very poor. There doesn't seem to be a lot of enthusiasm for this race in the community. The course went through several residential areas and hardly anyone was outside cheering. Also, only one dj in 26.2 miles. If the planning committee could increase on course entertainment, this would be an exemplary event.

- T.M. from Columbus, Ohio
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 3, 2014

I understand that the main focus of this great day is on the full/half marathon,and it was a huge success.....that being said, Here is my issue: I ran the 5k. unfortunately the race was not staged (runners in front walkers in back)It appeared to be a " free-for-all" and was somewhat dangerous as some walks felt it necessary to walk 5,6,7 abreast causing runners to run up on the curb as they were blocking the progression of the runners. I hope that in the future this dilemma can be averted. Thank you for asking my input! Other than that it was wonderful!!!!

- C.P. from Sylvania, OH
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 3, 2014

I love this race - did my first marathon at the Glass City! The tents need to be marked better - beer tent, bag drop off, etc. That is my biggest complaint.

- M.G. from Toledo, Ohio
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 3, 2014

Well thought out planning evident from start to finish.

- K.S. from Toledo, Ohio
Race Year: 2013 | Added: May 3, 2014

I have done a lot of runs in the Great Lakes area of the Midwest. After my first Glass City Marathon (half, actually), I would say it is one of my favorites. Packet pick up was easy. Adequate parking. Race time and results can be looked up electronically immediately upon finishing at convenient monitors. The course is excellent. Not pancake flat, but only slightly rolling. It goes through some beautiful residential areas and the turn around for the half marathon was in a nice wooded park. There were a moderate number of enthusiastic spectators and the volunteers and water stations were frequent and well stocked. Lots of pre and post race activities.

- M.H. from Dunlap, IL
Race Year: 2014 | Added: May 3, 2014

Beautiful course. Could be more porta potties. Get more bands for music along the way.. Ask for volunteers.

- A.T. from Indianapolis, in 46254
Race Year: 2013 | Added: May 3, 2014

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