Race : Lake Placid Marathon & Half Marathon  
June 10, 2018
Lake Placid Marathon & Half Marathon
Lake Placid, NY
Runners: 2,000
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Comments from runners.

This is a terrific race in an awesome venue! Our running group chose Lake Placid for the first time last year; a few ran the full, most of us ran the half. We've participated in dozens of races and this was a great one. There were plenty of hotel/motel options and many things to do during the weekend besides the races. Our kids loved the Saturday Kids Run and getting around downtown and the race start/finish areas were easy - all a short walking distance from our Main Street hotel. Lot's of dining choices too. One noticable thing were the impressive aid stations. They were plentyfull and well spaced. The people runing the stations were very supportive and made it fun. The athlete food at the finish line was also nice and unexpected. The race course was well marked and there was little car traffic. Great views! For those seeking a quaity race in a cool Alpine Village type of town this is a good choice.

- M.L. from Latham, NY
Race Year: 2014 | Added: February 13, 2015

This race has one MAJOR, MAJOR problem: its distance is not certified; it is NOT a Boston Qualifier. Who in the world wants to run 25+ miles and not even be certain if (s)he's covered 26.2? It's crazy. My GPS watch ALWAYS tells me in these races that I ran MORE than marathon distance (you can never tangent as well as the minimum), but in this race the mile markers were beating my watch to the bleep every time. How hard is it to get a wheel and get this thing right, people? Especially because this is a two loop course with out-and-back with room for expansion (a turn before the end of the raod on loop 1). Get the distance right, get it certified, make yourself a Boston qualifying course and then you'll have a national MARATHON, not just a long local road race. Now, I liked a lot of things about this course: the views, nature most of the way, the Olympic sports spirit in the town, the mildly challenging terrain (not nearly as tough as advertised BTW), the mostly great volunteers. But there were a lot of things to hate too: flies and mosquitoes by the river on the long out-and-back, cars on the course almost all the way and some of them aggressive, very sparse crowd support, out-and-backs that had runners crossing paths or running into each other, 10 year age groups only three deep for awards, non-existent expo, generic white shirt without the year noted and stating marathon/half marathon, poor organization after (not a single volunteer could tell me where the promised showers were.) For the $100 entry fee, this race needs to do MUCH better. Just measure the damn thing already, and get it right; invite some companies to town for the expo; do 5-year age group awards or go 5 deep in 10; stop being chintzy with the shirts, pre- and post-race festivities. Then you'll get more than 300 people to your marathon. Until then, I'll go run places that know how to do it better.

- J.M. from Orange, NJ
Race Year: 2014 | Added: June 13, 2014

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