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Running Background:

I consider myself an intermediate runner and I primarily run for fitness. I decided to run a half marathon because I wanted to challenge myself and continue to progress as a runner. I also wanted my first half marathon to be in my hometown.


I didn't follow a specific training program, but I did train for 2-3 months leading up to the race. During my training I averaged 20 miles per week.

Race Day:

The 2007 Route 66 Half Marathon was better than expected. I loved running through my old hometown. It reminded me of my childhood when I would pass through Woodward Park or down on Riverside. The crowds were small, but very supportive! I live in Amarillo, TX and I was not used to running hills that were towards the end miles. I was happy I maintained a good even pace throughout, although I didn't quite make my goal time. The whole experience just got me revved up even more for next years race!


I didn't have any problems with my recovery. I took a cold bath afterwards, and took two days off from running. I started with low mileage for first couple of weeks back.

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Tips/Words of Encouragement:

Savor every moment and realize that even when you think you're not doing that well in training, when race day comes things just seem to fall in place. I ran faster without realizing it. You'll enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you see the finish line in sight. Plus, I felt like a total badass sprinting to the end with total strangers telling me "go girl!" or "lookin' good". Seeing family and friends at the end and knowing they are proud of you is the BEST feeling!

Plans to Run Another:

I'm planning to continue to run half marathons. I want to continue to improve as a runner and the next step is to improve my half time and then tackle the full marathon. For my next half marathon, I'll train more on hills and do a bit more speedwork.

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