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Running Background:

marathon photoI consider myself an advanced runner and I primarily run for fitness. This was my last state to complete the 50 states and DC. At the time, there were only two marathons in New Hampshire held a week apart. This one fit into my schedule a little better.


When I train for marathons, I loosely follow a 3-day a week program with cross training on other days. For this race, I didn't really have time to train much, but after doing 50+ races, my body just finds the groove.

The best advice I received came from an article I read in Runner's World that said to not fight the fatigue. It is a natural part of running 26.2 miles. Don't fear it, just know it's coming, embrace it and keep moving.

Race Day:

The 2007 New Hampshire Marathon wasn't quite what I expected. Since this was my last state, several friends came with me to celebrate. One of them ran with me, even though he was much faster. My friends met me at the start wearing t-shirts with my face on them. They met us at several points along the way, offering bananas, Gatorade and beer. :)

For the first time in 17 years, I lost my race number. I figured they would just give me a different one and change the chip, but no. They wrote my number on a neon green piece of paper. It was another highlight of the race.

The course was absolutely gorgeous, but a bit hillier than I expected. There weren't tons of spectators, but the ones that were there were enthusiastic. There were plenty of aid stations. The weather was near perfect.

It was a great way to finish my goal!


I didn't have any problems with my recovery. I tried to walk around as much as possible the day of the race. Also, taking in protein (drink or other) 30 minutes to an hour after seemed to help.

Running Gear Recommendations:

I prefer GU over all the other brands because I think it tastes better.
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Tips/Words of Encouragement:

Marathoning is all about patience and persistence. Patience to keep running through the fatigue and persistence in continuing to put one foot in front of the other.

Plans to Run Another:

I'm planning to continue to run another race because I don't want to completely drop out of marathoning, but I will do more half marathons in the future. They are the perfect distance for me...and my long run is only 10 miles!

For my next marathon, I'll train more. I've done many marathons on little training, and I wouldn't recommend it. I know that I will finish, but the amount I've trained directly correlates to how much I enjoy (or not) the race.

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