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Running Background:

marathon photoI consider myself an advanced runner and I primarily run because it helps to keep me sane. My 1st marathon was in 1983. I wanted to do another one after 25 years.


I didn't follow a specific training program, but I did train for 3 months to get ready for this race. I averaged 53 miles per week during my training.

Race Day:

My first Marathon was May 1, 1983 in Vancouver Canada. I finished in 3:54:20.

It was only last November 2007 that I really considered joining the 2008 Philippine Marathon.

This was my 2nd & last marathon, and I wanted it to be a special one. My target was to finish in at least 4hrs. 15mins.

Preparation for a marathon should never be taken lightly. For my training I was doing about 95 km a week with 30-32km runs every Saturday for at least 1 1/2 months. There were also a lot of sacrifices in my part especially when I had to get up at 3am every Saturday to do my long runs and Friday night partying was definitely out of the question.

Feb.24, 2008
The race started at Marikina Riverbanks at exactly 4am sharp. According to the race organizer there were 1250 + runners who registered for the marathon. The weather was perfect. Cool and with slight drizzle what more can you ask.

The first 25km was a bit of a struggle with all the bridges and hills especially along C5 etc. But I was still on target time. But when I hit the 30km mark I was starting to cramp on my legs. On the 35th km the cramps was getting bad and I decided to slow my pace just to finish. Now my goal switched from 4.15 to "I just want to finish".

It was very nice for my friend Oknoy Poblete to run with me in the last 7km. I told him several times to go for it but he stayed by my side.

The race ended in Quirino Grand Stand. I was informed by the race organizer that, "I ranked 372 out of the 872 finishers with an official time of 4:40:03".

Frankly, I was a bit disappointed and was really hoping for a decent time but I'm just glad I finished. Now I'm qualified for "marathon bragging rights" the 2nd time again.

As of now I am still healing my broken body.

Deep down inside this disappointment in me has fired my desire to do 1 more marathon and to finish in at least 4 hrs 15 mins -- as planned.

When you’re a Runner you will always be a runner.


My recovery wasn't bad. I slept and had a massage.

Running Gear Recommendations:

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Tips/Words of Encouragement:


"My running shoes have become giant erasers on my feet. Every foot strike Rubs away some memory of a previous indiscretion, failure, hurt, pain... Every successful mile releases me from the grip of the demons of Failure. Every starting line is another chance to prove that my past will not determine my future."…. John "The Penguin" Bingham

Plans to Run Another:

I'm planning to run another marathon because I want to accomplish my goal of finishing in 4 hrs 15 min.

For my next marathon, I'll train for at least 5 months and incorporate at least a 30km run once a week for 1 month.

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