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Running Background:

marathon photoI consider myself a beginner runner and I primarily run for weight loss. I decided to run a half marathon because it's been something I wanted to do for a long time and was physically unable to. I lost a lot of weight and thought I was finally able to do it.


I trained for 4 months, and I averaged 18 miles per week.

The best advice I received was from the stories on this website ( The key for me was setting a training schedule and sticking to it.

Race Day:

The 2008 Deadwood Mickelson Trail Half Marathon was what I expected. I am a walker hoping to someday work up to running this distance but I am not there yet. This race is very walker friendly. I appreciated that very much! There were a number of other walkers participating as well so I truly wasn't the only one.

We had busses to take us from the parking area to the starting line. It took a little while from gun time to get across the starting line but it was very organized with loud speaker announcements while we waited.

The course is really beautiful. Mainly downhill or flat for the half marathon. Some muddy spots from rain but overall I think I couldn't have picked a better race for my first attempt. I had a great experience. My only goal was to finish and I was able to do that.

I love the medal! It is a nice piece and it was much better than I expected. I thought there would be more of a gathering at the finish line for people to hang and have some refreshment but most people were just leaving at the end and not hanging around. Being greeted by the race director and being handed a bottle of water at the end was a nice touch. This was a really nice experience for me overall.


My recovery was pretty rough. Advice was given to me to keep moving and drink a lot of water after the race. That's what I did. I was still pretty sore and hope that more training and weight loss will help next time. It's hard to compare recovery because this was my first race.

Running Gear Recommendations:

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Tips/Words of Encouragement:

This is a great place to start if you're thinking about picking a race. The organizers are excellent and it shows that they truly care about what they are doing. If this is something you need to do in your life, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll get there!

Plans to Run Another:

I definitely want to do another and to see if I can improve my time.

For my next half marathon, I would invite more people to come and cheer me on! :) I didn't invite many people because I was afraid I might not finish, but next time I really want people on the sidelines cheering me on.

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