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Running Background:

marathon photoWith this race, I have done all 6 Goofy Challenges and needed the streak to continue. I have run this race since it started so I am "Perfectly Goofy". I run marathons because I need to exercise and burn off calories and stress. I truely find joy with each race and each training run every time I go out and exercise.


I modified some of Jeff Galloway's programs to add back to back distance runs with an extra recovery day. During my training I averaged 50 miles per week.

The best advice I would share with others is that recovery is just as important as getting the miles in.

Race Day:

Running at Walt Disney world is a treat. Seeing all the parks always makes it so much fun. It is also a very large half marathon on Saturday and full marthon on Sunday. I really enjoyed the large number as the positive energy was high and you really get to meet all kinds of different people. With the full expectation that there will be a lot of people, I was not thrown for a loop or got frustrated.

The Goofy Challenge has the runner participate with the half marathon on Saturday and then the full marathon on Sunday. I look at it as 3 half marathons. I recommend that the Saturday run be nice and easy with lots of walk breaks. On Saturday eat and sleep to get ready for Sunday. Then on Sunday ease into the 2nd half marathon and the on the third just let it go and just run.


I didn't have any recovery problems. Eat and sleep, the walk breaks during the run help as well.

Running Gear Recommendations:

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Clif Bar
Chocolate chip is my flavor of choice.
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Tips/Words of Encouragement:

You can do it, take time to plan out runs and recovery.

Plans to Run Another:

I love it and need to keep the Goofy streak going and stay Perfectly Goofy!

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