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Running Background:

I consider myself an intermediate runner and I primarily run for hobby. I decided to run this marathon because I ran a personal worst at the Twin Cities Marathon two weeks prior to it. Though I will say that my poor performance at the Twin Cities Marathon was because I didn't train. Period. I was averaging 12 miles a week in September and I thought maybe I could redeem myself a bit by running the Denver Marathon.


I didn't follow a specific training plan because I really didn't train. I had just moved across the state, started a new job, and was coaching volleyball. By the time I was done with volleyball practice (around 7pm), I was in no mood to run. I did two half marathons in September, but that was basically the extent of my training.

Race Day:

The 2006 Denver Marathon was better than expected. We stayed at the Adam's Mark hotel which was a block or two away from the race site. I hadn't told anyone that I was planning on running the Denver Marathon for two reasons: 1) It was probably not the smartest thing to do, since I had run/walked Twin Cities two weeks before, and 2) I wanted to make sure that I finished it. I actually got some sleep before the race and woke up ready to go.

My best half marathon time is 1:39. Based on time comparison charts, I have the potential to run between 3:15 and 3:30. Luckily, I was smart enough to figure out that if you don't put in the training, you can't run a 3:30 marathon. I lined up with the 5:00 Clif Bar team. The team that I ran with was great! We jogged for around 11 minutes and walked for a minute. This was going great until around mile 18. I had to use the bathroom really bad, so I had to leave the group. I found a bathroom with no lines and quickly rushed in. I must note here that this was probably the dirtiest bathroom that I have ever been in.

I made it to mile 19 with no problems, but I am pretty sure that I was out of calories at this point. One of the problems that I have had in previous marathons is that I am unable to replenish calories very well. If I eat or drink, I tend to get sick to my stomach. The next 7 miles were a mix of running and walking. Unlike Twin Cities, I remained positive the entire 26.2 miles, and took 20 minutes off my time at Twin Cities (at altitude!) :D


I didn't have any problems with my recovery. I took a week off and felt completely normal.

Tips/Words of Encouragement:

You can't expect to do well if you don't train properly.

Plans to Run Another:

I'm planning to continue to run marathons. I'm signed up to run Grandma's Marathon in June and then Denver again in October. I think that I might actually do some long runs this time.

For my next marathon, what am I going to do? Umm...train?

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