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Note from Editor: Monica participated in the Team in Training program and raised over $1,500. If you would like to learn more about Team in Training, visit their web site.

Running Background:

marathon photoI consider myself an intermediate runner and I primarily run for hobby. I decided to run a marathon because I had run a half marathon the previous year and wanted to see if I could do the whole race. A girl I knew did it, so I figured I could, too.


I trained with Team in Training and followed its program. The program was about 5.5 months and I averaged about 24 miles per week.

The best training advice I received was to stick to the training plan and eat right.

Race Day:

The 2007 PF Chang's Marathon was better than expected. My race day experience was great! I enjoyed the crowd, had lots of my own supporters, and finished! The weather was very chilly for Phoenix, though. Next year I'm sure it'll be better!


My recovery wasn't bad. I walked a lot right after the race and stayed on my feet the rest of the day/night. I didn't get a chance to ice like I wanted, so I'm sure my recovery would have been even faster if I'd had a chance to do that.

Running Gear Recommendations:

Brooks Running Shoes
They were lightweight and comfortable.
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PowerBar Gel
Tastes decent and works!
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Helped prevent blisters and chafing.
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Tips/Words of Encouragement:

You can do it if you prepare and follow a good training program. Enjoy the race experience; your run will be a lot better!

Plans to Run Another:

I'm planning to run another marathon because I really enjoyed the whole experience, and it's a great feeling crossing the finish line. Signing up for races also encourages me to stay in shape.

For my next marathon, I'm going to follow a better eating plan.

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