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Note from Editor: At the age of 77, Bob Dolphin completed his 400th marathon. We've read about Dean Karnazes running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states and Dane Rauschenberg running 52 marathons in 2006 (one every week), but this accomplishment has to rank right up there with all of the incredible marathon feats. To continue to run 15+ marathons per year for 26 years is simply amazing!

Running Background:

marathon photoI consider myself an advanced runner and I primarily run for the adventure. Running marathons has been a way of life for 26 years, during which I've averaged 15 marathons per year. I ran 24 in 2006, a career high.


I don't follow a specific training program, but I'm continually training 12 months out of the year. I train by running 20+ marathons and 20+ shorter races per year plus some one hour training runs and walks every week.

The best training advice I would share with others is to be healed, rested, hydrated, and carb-loaded before a race. During the race or on long training runs, carry gels, salt capsules and always a water bottle in hot weather.

Race Day:

The 2007 Yakima River Canyon Marathon was better than expected.

Running my 400th marathon was a marvelous experience. I was given royal treatment by the race director (my wife Lenore), by John "The Penguin" Bingham (the speaker and announcer), by the many running friends present and by all of the friendly volunteers. In ideal weather with spectacular canyon scenery, the miles flew by as I visited with runners on the course.


I didn't have any problems with my recovery. I didn't do anything special. I ran another marathon a week later, so I limited my exercise to hiking in the blooming sage/steppe areas.

Running Gear Recommendations:

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'Marathon Training' by Joe Henderson
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Tips/Words of Encouragement:

Most runners can run a marathon if they believe in themselves. Read Joe Henderson, Jeff Galloway, etc. books. Join a training group. Work up the distance gradually. Yakima River Canyon Marathon gives special treatment to first-timers.

Plans to Run Another:

I'll run seven marathons on consecutive weekends beginning on April 29, 2007. I may repeat this sequence in the fall.

For my next marathon, I'll make a few minor strategic changes that I hope will help me run faster.

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